A dental crown fits over your natural teeth to protect and secure the remaining part of the tooth. They could be needed when a cavity is so large that a filling will not work, or because a tooth has been weakened significantly by tooth decay. The crown wraps around the whole natural tooth to help secure what remains of it.

Crowns vary in colour. They can be gold, porcelain, ceramic or a mixture of materials. Each of these materials have their own benefits and you should discuss these with your dentist. Crowns are custom made to fit over your teeth exactly. Moulds will need to be taken of your tooth, which is then used to make the crown. This normally takes a couple of weeks and, whilst it is being prepared, you will need to wear a temporary crown.

Once your permanent crown is fitted you can expect it to last for many years but it will require looking after and a proper dental hygiene routine.

Modern cosmetic crowns can be very lifelike and can be used to replace the front teeth.

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