At first glance costs of implant treatment appear to be more expensive than other treatment options such as dentures or bridges. However, when you consider the long term health of your mouth it is almost always a wise long term option, which with time will prove to be very cost-effective solution.

A list of costs is shown below which gives a reflection of the investment involved in restoring your mouth with implants. This should be viewed as a guide, as each patient has individual needs, and a detailed report with an exact cost of treatmenImt is given to each patient before proceeding.

Initial consultation Free
Full case assessment 175.00
3D CBCT Scan 125.00
Diagnostic lab work 150.00
Implant placement 1,150.00
Temporary crown 275.00
Implant crown 875.00
Implant denture 950.00
Implant Locator 175.00
Sedation 250.00
Simultaneous bone graft 250.00
Block bone graft 850.00
Sinus bone graft 850.00
Sinus bone graft 850.00
Typical costs:
Implant retained crown (back tooth) 2,350.00
Implant retained crown (front tooth) 2,625.00
Full denture retained on 2 implants + Locators 3,925.00
Full denture retained on 4 implants + Locators 5,975.00
Removable bridge on 4 implants + milled bar 9,750.00
Screw retained bridge on 6 implants POA
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