A filling is used to restore the hole left in a tooth after tooth decay is removed. The filling material can either be amalgam (metal), composite (tooth coloured) or glass ionomer (tooth coloured).

Amalgam is the most commonly used filling material and is the most durable and best at resisting further tooth decay. Composite filling materials are tooth coloured and can be bonded to the tooth.

They are becoming increasingly durable and are similar in strength to amalgam fillings. They are particularly useful where the fillings are visible and an aesthetic result is required. They are also very effective in restoring worn teeth without the removal of more tooth substance. They are becoming more popular with patients and dentists.

Glass ionomer fillings are used particular to bond to the root surface of a tooth. They are tooth coloured and can be used as temporary filling materials in certain circumstances. Your dentist will be able to advise of the best filling option for your treatment.

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