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Joy had never considered how losing a tooth could impact on your confidence until it happened to her. Now, thanks to her implant, she can smile again.

I have always been a great smiler, but after I lost my tooth I became hugely self-conscious and found I was smiling less and less. I would look at photographs and think, oh my gosh. My confidence diminished, something I wouldn’t have understood if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I have been blessed with good teeth and have never been one to go in for cosmetic treatments, but I suddenly understood why people do.

My regular dentist, Mr Rowe in Bideford, talked me through the treatment options, including having a plate which filled me with horror. I was unsure about having an implant at first, because it cost more, but Mr Rowe said if you do go down that route I know just the person to go to – Mr Mills.

Mr Mills and his team were very welcoming. It’s a lovely practice, even more so now that it has been done up! They were professional but they were also so friendly and relaxing. Mr Mills explained everything to me and said there was no need to be nervous. I said that thanks to him I wasn’t, in fact I found the whole thing fascinating!

Having the implant has given me a huge boost. I feel relieved, elated actually. Somebody asked me the other day which tooth I had done and I couldn’t remember! It’s just like a natural tooth.

I really thought spending money on your teeth was a lot of nonsense but I was wrong. I’m now having a second implant. I would recommend Mr Mills and his team without hesitation. He knows how appreciative I am. It has changed my life.


Egan can now enjoy eating whatever food he wants, without any gum pain, following treatment to replace three missing molars with implants.

“I had been missing three molars for years, two on the right side of my jaw and one on the left. I got used to it, but eating was a problem. I read about implants and realised they were the way to go. I didn’t want anything false, I wanted something that was solid and felt part of me.

Devon Dental Implant Centre was absolutely excellent from the beginning. During the first meeting I had with the Mr Cato he explained the treatment in every detail and I really appreciated that. During the treatment I felt totally at ease. The pain was less than having a filling, and I have had many of those!

My implants have been transformational. They look just like my natural teeth, and I can eat food now without worrying about it hurting my gums. The time they took getting the colour match was unbelievable, in fact they sent one of them back because it wasn’t quite right. It would have fooled me, but Mr Cato wasn’t happy and said he would get another one done.

I have already recommended Devon Dental Implant Centre to other people, not only for the quality of treatment but for the pricing too, which was very competitive. In fact, since the implant treatment both myself and my wife have switched to TDP as our regular dentist, despite living 20 miles from Torrington.”


As a single male, Steve was very self-conscious about his poorly matched and fitted front bridge. Having it replaced with a secure implant has been transformational.

Having previously had one of my front teeth removed and fitted with a Maryland bridge I was very conscious that it was obviously a fake tooth. It was also susceptible to breaking and didn’t fit all that well which was a real knock to my confidence as a single male.

Looking for a more permanent solution I decided to have an implant, at which point I was introduced to Ian Mills and his team. They performed some scans and confirmed that, although my case was a slightly tricky one, they would be able to go ahead with the implant.

The treatment I received was remarkable and from the moment I walked through the door the level of care was amazing. When Ian and his brilliant staff talked me through the procedure and what results I could expect, all my worries subsided and I was left with a feeling that I really had found the best dental practice to carry out the work I required.

Having the implant has really changed my life. It has given me so much confidence – I don’t have to worry about cracking a smile in public ever again! And as for the question you are all dying to know – no, it really doesn’t hurt having the procedure!


When a molar extraction caused Pauline to have to constantly chew on one side, she decided to get an implant. She couldn’t be happier with the result, or the care she received.

I decided to have an implant after I lost a back tooth. I already had a gap directly below it and this started to cause me eating problems as I was forced to chew on the other side of my mouth all the time. I decided to have one implant to rectify the problem and my dentist in Bude recommended I go to Mr Mills at Torrington Dental Practice.

He was kind, pleasant and reassuring, and explained everything to me, so that I knew what was going on every inch of the way. It didn’t feel like I was at the dentist to be honest! I couldn’t have felt more relaxed and confident about the procedure.

When he took the x-ray there wasn’t a lot of bone there to work with, but he managed to find a way. I had a local anaesthetic when the implant was being done and then I was given painkillers to take afterwards, but I had no pain from start to finish, none at all.

From the moment I had the implant I wasn’t aware of it being any different to my other teeth. It is just ‘my tooth’ and I am able to chew on that side equally now.

I can’t recommend Mr Mills and his team highly enough and am so grateful to my dentist for recommending them to me.


Adam’s implant treatment has restored the gap in his smile, and his self-confidence, after his tooth became infected and needed to be removed.

My own dentist Simon Hall from Lynbridge Dental Practice in Tavistock recommended Mr Mills as being one of the best implant surgeons in the country. The treatment was done in a professional manner from start to finish and in a way that was both relaxed and reassuring which would put anyone having treatment at their ease. At every stage it was explained clearly so that you knew what to expect and at no stage was there any pain or discomfort.

Having the implant has given me confidence and has allowed me to smile without feeling self-conscious. Without question or hesitation, I would wholeheartedly recommend Ian Mills and the team at TDP to anyone considering implant treatment.

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Mr Mills was kind, pleasant and reassuring, and explained everything to me, so that I knew what was going on every inch of the way. I can’t recommend him and his implant team highly enough.
Super helpful, friendly, clean, efficient and brilliant at informing us of procedures & treatment. We never feel rushed or have to wait too long. They have made the dentist experience a positive one for our children – who are always excited to go!
I would rate this dentist 1000 stars if I could! Everyone there is so friendly and smiley! I had my teeth done by John Cato and Paula and what can I say. Both of them made me feel so relaxed even though I normally hate the dentist they have made this all change! I couldn’t thank them both enough.
Ms P
It’s nearly two months since my treatment for an implanted bridge concluded and I could not be more pleased. The treatment was excellent, the care by Ian Mills and his team was superb and the teeth look fantastic.
Rhys Gabe is an incredible guy. After 30 odd years of avoiding the dentist through fear I actually now enjoy going thanks to this man. I cannot recommend him highly enough to nervous and anxious patients.