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Dentures or implants? Which is right for you?

22 March 2022

When you need to replace one or more missing teeth, TDP offer you several treatment options, the most popular of which are dentures and dental implants. Which one is best for you will depend on a number of factors, including your personal preference, remaining teeth, the health of your gums and jawbone, and the cost. To help you make the right choice, we thought it would be helpful to explain some of the pros and cons of both.

Dentures are false teeth attached to a removable plate. They are particularly suitable if you are missing a full or partial set of teeth, rather than the odd one, and can be very natural in appearance. They are less expensive than implants but tend to need replacing every five to seven years as they wear and your jaw changes shape. This can add up over time so it’s worth factoring in when you compare them to the price of implants.

The biggest drawback to dentures is their tendency to become loose. Dentures adhere to your gums by suction or adhesives, or in the case of partial dentures, by clipping onto adjacent teeth. As your gums and jawbone shrink over time, your dentures can start to slip out of place while eating and speaking, causing you discomfort and embarrassment. They can also rub causing painful gum sores. Dentures need to be removed regularly for cleaning, to prevent tooth decay, gum disease or mouth infection, which can affect self-esteem and confidence.

Dental implants are a safe, and reliable alternative to dentures. They look, feel and function just like natural teeth, so you can smile, chew, and eat normally. Implants are small, metal (usually titanium) screws which are placed directly into your jawbone as a substitute for your missing tooth roots, onto which your replacement teeth are permanently fixed. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, for example providing a fixed bridge if you are missing three teeth in a row. They also offer a fixed or more secure removeable alternative to a full or partial denture on the upper or lower jaw, preventing the discomfort and embarrassment of rubbing or slipping.

Implants aren’t suitable for everyone, particularly those with poor gum or bone health. And there’s no getting away from the fact that they cost more than removeable dentures; but it you look after them they can last a lifetime, and for many patients their benefits outweigh the additional cost.

One particular benefit which you may be unaware of is that implants help you to maintain a more youthful appearance. When a tooth is lost the surrounding bone begins to shrink. If it is not stopped, this erosion can spread over time, causing further tooth loss, and giving your face a ‘sunken’ look. Implants preserve your facial structure by integrating with the jawbone and stimulating bone growth when you bite and chew.

As you can see, there is lot to think about! If you would like to discuss the best way forward for you, why not make an appointment to come in and see us by calling reception on 01825 623657? Whatever option you choose, you will be in experienced, friendly, and caring hands!


Mr Mills was kind, pleasant and reassuring, and explained everything to me, so that I knew what was going on every inch of the way. I can’t recommend him and his implant team highly enough.
Super helpful, friendly, clean, efficient and brilliant at informing us of procedures & treatment. We never feel rushed or have to wait too long. They have made the dentist experience a positive one for our children – who are always excited to go!
I would rate this dentist 1000 stars if I could! Everyone there is so friendly and smiley! I had my teeth done by John Cato and Paula and what can I say. Both of them made me feel so relaxed even though I normally hate the dentist they have made this all change! I couldn’t thank them both enough.
Ms P
It’s nearly two months since my treatment for an implanted bridge concluded and I could not be more pleased. The treatment was excellent, the care by Ian Mills and his team was superb and the teeth look fantastic.
Rhys Gabe is an incredible guy. After 30 odd years of avoiding the dentist through fear I actually now enjoy going thanks to this man. I cannot recommend him highly enough to nervous and anxious patients.