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Anxious about the dentist? Come for a chat!

25 October 2021

Are you so nervous about going to the dentist that you keep putting it off? Does your anxiety leave you so panic-stricken and terrified that you avoid dental treatment altogether, even if you are in pain? If so, we can help.

Sarah Tucker
We have a special interest in treating anxious patients, many of whom come to us on referral from other practices. In fact, we have a dedicated team led by Rhys Gabe, Sarah Tucker and John Cato and they couldn’t be friendlier or more sympathetic!

Every year, Rhys, Sarah and John help many hundreds of NHS and private patients to overcome their dental fears and anxieties so that they can receive the treatment they need – be it an extraction, filling, implant, or even a simple check-up. And based on their success rate, they are confident they can help you too!

“The first thing you should know is that we never undertake treatment on anxious patients at their first appointment” explains Sarah (pictured). “Instead, we’ll invite you to come and meet us for a chat. We’ll talk about why you are anxious, and there is usually a very good reason. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with a dentist in the past, or you are anxious about people invading your personal space. In most cases, we find listening to and understanding you is a big first step towards helping you to manage your fears.”

“We’ll then talk you through your problems and explain the different treatment options available to you” continues Sarah. “Where possible, we try to keep the first appointment simple – a check-up or oral hygiene treatment, so that you familiarise yourself with the practice, get to know us, and build your confidence.

“We can offer a TLC (tender loving care) appointment for treatment or if you need it, we can offer you sedation to help you relax – even for a basic examination.”

Inhalation sedation involves breathing in nitrous oxide through a mask placed just over your nose. It makes you feel calm and happy and is suitable for adults and children. IV sedation puts you into a deeper, relaxed state and is normally used in adults. Either way, you are conscious throughout your treatment and able to talk with Rhys, Sarah or John.

“Having talked through their fears with us we construct a treatment plan based on the individual,” says Sarah, “Sedation can also help other problems faced in the surgery, such as strong gag reflexes.”

Sarah, Rhys and John all agree that there is nothing more rewarding than helping an anxious patient receive the treatment they need. (Check out our reviews on Google for proof of their success!) So, if your dental anxiety or phobia leaves you feeling like you have no one to turn to, why not come in for a chat? You could be amazed at the relief you feel.

To book a TLC appointment call reception on 01805 623657


Mr Mills was kind, pleasant and reassuring, and explained everything to me, so that I knew what was going on every inch of the way. I can’t recommend him and his implant team highly enough.
Super helpful, friendly, clean, efficient and brilliant at informing us of procedures & treatment. We never feel rushed or have to wait too long. They have made the dentist experience a positive one for our children – who are always excited to go!
I would rate this dentist 1000 stars if I could! Everyone there is so friendly and smiley! I had my teeth done by John Cato and Paula and what can I say. Both of them made me feel so relaxed even though I normally hate the dentist they have made this all change! I couldn’t thank them both enough.
Ms P
It’s nearly two months since my treatment for an implanted bridge concluded and I could not be more pleased. The treatment was excellent, the care by Ian Mills and his team was superb and the teeth look fantastic.
Rhys Gabe is an incredible guy. After 30 odd years of avoiding the dentist through fear I actually now enjoy going thanks to this man. I cannot recommend him highly enough to nervous and anxious patients.